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The easy way to update your drivers

Obsolete device drivers are a security risk. They endanger your PC through security gaps and impair the system stability of your PC.

Old drivers endanger your PC. Protect yourself with Secur360 Driver Updater.

Driver Updater
€ 29,95

Updating drivers with Secur360 Driver Updater
Security and speed without effort (and fully automatic).


Fast & secure PC

With just one click you can make your PC fast and secure again.


Warning of obsolete drivers

Now you always have an overview of your drivers - Secur360 Driver Updater automatically monitors your PC and warns you of security vulnerabilities.


Stable PC

Protect yourself from outdated drivers. Secur360 Driver Updater guarantees system stability.


Trouble-free operating system

Close dangerous backdoors and security holes in Windows.


Automatically latest drivers

Secur360 Driver Updater ensures that you never miss an important driver update again.


Driver backup

With Secur360 Driver Updater nothing gets lost: Create backups of your drivers and import them again if necessary.


Secur360 Driver Updater
Make it easy with the Secur360 Driver Updater

Check With one click to a fast and secure PC.
Check Warning of too old drivers
Check Makes your Windows run trouble-free again
Check Automatically installs the latest drivers
Check Creates backups of existing drivers

Outdated drivers endanger your PC. With Secur360 Driver Updater you can protect yourself against unwanted security holes.

Driver Check

Automatically more
safety and speed

Secur360 Driver Updater automatically checks your PC and finds all drivers that need updating or have security holes. With just one click, Secur360 Driver Updater detects all missing drivers and updates your outdated software modules. You can also create backups and restore specific file versions.

Secur360 Driver Updater provides you with over 1.1 million drivers for Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. Secur360 Driver Updater selects from over 400 GB of drivers, which are checked and updated daily.


Transparent costs

Secur360 Driver Updater

€ 29,95

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All functions are available without restrictions.


3-PC License, 1 year


Secure your PC now with Secur360 Driver Updater!

Get Secur360 Driver Updater now and never miss an important update for your PC again.
Compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 (both 32- and 64-bit).

Driver Updater
€ 29,95